Miku Team

Victor Wu

Team creator & leader

Miku is cool. It’s my feeling at my first glance of its prototype design. The riders on Miku must be cool too. So I create Miku team to take care of cool riders of Miku. We hope to bring you a new riding experience of being cool.

Frank Fang

Social media strategist

Miku is cool in our daily life. We show you how cool it is in your life. It’s not an electric scooter only, but also a part of colorful life.

Shirley Chen

Customer analyst

Imagine so many eyes on you while you are riding Miku on the street. Miku is more than your daily riding. What you need is what we just have.

Tom Hu

Usability analyst

Miku is me cool. The cool functions of Miku are also practical. Just enjoy your cool riding.

Brian Fu

Product expert

Miku comes from an imagination. We are very glad to make it true. Miku will have more family memebers. To be continued…







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