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Q:What are the 3 speed settings?
Q:What is the weight limit for a rider?
A:We recommend up to 130kgs for best performance even though the mechanics can support heavier riders. Please note that the scooter's top speed will decrease for heavier riders on flat ground and performance on steeper slopes will be noticeably affected.
Q:Can MIKU handle steep hills?
A:Miku can handle slopes up to 23%(about 13 degrees).
Q:Are the electric scooters' battery removable?
A:The battery is removable and you could take the battery home to charge.
Q:What's the average lifespan of any electric scooter?
A:Depending on how often you use it, some electric scooters can last up to 5 years without maintenance, on average it would be around 2-3 years.
Q:Why should I consider e-scooter ahead of a classic combustion engine scooter?
A:Riding your e-scooter is a fully connected experience and is a lot of fun. You will be able to get around your city easily without any hassle. Also you will realise the benefits of a fully integrated electric drive: lower maintenance, no pollution, and the ability to make the city a quieter place to be
Q:What are the advantages of our unique hub motor systems?
A:One of the greatest advantages of hub motors is the fact that the power goes straight from the motor directly to the wheel. Reducing the distance the power travels, increases the efficiency of the motor. Moreover, the hub motors design offers regenerative breaking. The system captures some of its own kinetic energy while braking and sends it back to charge the battery.
Q:Can I ride my MIKU in the heat/cold/rain/snow?
A:Your MIKU is meant to operate in all kinds of weather conditions. Normal wear items like tires and brakes will to be replaced periodically, depending on the type of riding you do and the severity of use. We have a recommended maintenance schedule for our electric scooters you can reference here.
Q:Where can I charge my MIKU?
A:Anywhere there is a standard power socket, meaning you can charge at home, at work or in the city whenever you need to.
Q:How far can I ride my MIKU?
A:Our battery can take you up to 65km.
Q:Can I charge my battery even if it is not completely empty?
A:Yes you can charge your MIKU battery no matter how much charge is left in your battery.
Q:How long does a full charge take?
A:With the onboard charger, you are ready to ride in 6 hours. With a fast charger it will take 4 hours.
Q:How long is the MIKU battery life?
A:It should be good for many years under normal usage.
Q:Can e-Scooter be washed?
A:As with any electric vehicle, care should always be taken when washing. We suggest not using high pressure washers or spraying excessive water on the battery or connectors.
Q:Do I have to drain my battery completely before I recharge it?
A:The batteries that power the electric scooters and bikes we sell can be plugged in and recharged no matter the current battery level
Q:Where can I get spare parts for the e-scooter?
A:Usually buy some spare parts with the container order.

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