Know the benefits of the electric motorcycle with dual-lithium battery by taking three minutes

Arlene 2021-12-31

Whether you like it or not, the new energy era is no longer a fantasy, but is actually coming. The driving distance of MIKU SUPER has reached 135 KM, which is more than enough to cope with the daily ordinary walking vehicles.
Compared with electric bicycles, the development of electric motorcycles is still better than electric bicycles in terms of practicality. Therefore, do not underestimate the potential of the electric motorcycle market, because it can be determined that this is the current development direction of major fuel motorcycle factories. The development of electric motorcycles will be out of control. We will make an analysis of the advantages for everyone based on the current electric motorcycles on the market.

1. Electricity is very trendy

Riding an electric motorcycle now seems to have a greater added value than ordinary gasoline motorcycles, which seems to mean that car owners care about the earth, love green energy, limit their carbon footprint, etc., which are all points of extra points. In addition, the cost of using electricity for electric motorcycles is much lower than that of using gasoline, so it is relatively unaffected by fluctuations in international oil prices.

2. Low maintenance cost

Electric motorcycles basically need not much maintenance. Compared with ordinary traditional motorcycles, they are much less. The most common wear and tear should be the tires and brakes.

3. Large torque output

Most electric motorcycles are not very fast, but relying on the output characteristics of electric motors, electric motorcycles have very good torque output, and they come on-the-fly, which is quite powerful.

4. Quiet

If you believe in Loud pipes save lives, you will definitely not like a motorcycle that runs quietly and silently. However, some people like to be noisy, while others enjoy quietness. The characteristic of electric motorcycles is that there is no noise when running. Compared with ordinary gasoline engine motorcycles with a volume of 80db, electric motorcycles can basically only be regarded as background running noises.

5. Easy to control

Electric motorcycles basically do not need to be geared. They are basically a scooter with a lot of torque. Regardless of whether the vehicle is an off-road imitation or a retro car, anyone who can ride a bicycle shouldn’t have a problem.